Altar Servers Schedules and Policies

Information for Visitation BVM Altar Servers may be accessed from this page by clicking on the underlined words below.

Please Note:  The Sunday Mass schedule will change effective September 3.  The 10:30 AM mass is changing to 10:15 AM beginnig on September 3.

All Altar Servers (Grades 6-8) are required to participate in the Closing of 40 Hours Procession on Tuesday, September 26 at 7 pm.  Altar Servers should meet in the Lower Church in your Altar Server outfits at 6:30 PM to process into the Upper Church.

If you miss an altar server assignment or if you are switching an assignment with another altar server, please email me.

All altar servers are expected to follow the Rules and Regulations when serving a scheduled mass.

I can be reached via email

Thank you and have a wonderful summer!

Nora Anne DiLemmo