Adult Faith Formation

Adult Faith Formation (AFF) helps each of us to grow in our faith and live it more fully, no matter where one’s faith journey is at the present time.  Sometimes, it is difficult to see how our faith and our everyday life fit together but by learning how to listen to God’s call you will develop a deeper relationship with Him.   We all know how important it is to work on having good relationships which includes our relationship with God, it takes time and effort.  By being involved with AFF you will gain knowledge of your Catholic faith which will lead you to a deep intimacy with Jesus Christ and allow His love to penetrate all aspects of your life.  

Our parish also makes “Formed” available to every parishioner as a free gift and it is easy to use!  Formed offers the best Catholic videos, audio talks, eBooks, and movies.  Go to  

  1. Select – Sign up as a Parishioner 
  2. Enter:  Visitation BVM, Norristown, PA then select Next
  3. Then follow the process to create a new account – Your Name & email address   


For more information contact Sallianne Tschoepe at 610-212-6673 or email at / to sign up for Adult Faith Formation and any of our wonderful ministries and organizations!