Ministry with Youth


The Altar Servers consist of young people from our parish who assist the priest during Mass and at other religious services as he carries out his sacred duties. Altar Servers begin training during fifth grade and serve through eighth grade, with the option to continue serving at the altar during high school. Serving at the altar offers young people a unique opportunity for involvement in the Sacred Liturgy, while instilling a sense of service and providing the opportunity to consider a vocation to the Priesthood or Religious life. For further information, please contact Deacon Vince Drewicz at


Scouting is a youth organization available to boys between the ages of 11 through 17 that employs an exciting, action-packed program to promote character development, leadership, morals, citizenship and mental and physical fitness. The troop provides an active outdoor program including camping, hiking, rafting, horseback riding and skiing. The Scouts are taught skills which will remain with them for the rest of their lives, such as running effective meetings, leading organizations and teams, first aid, respect for nature, and how to handle themselves with confidence in the outdoors. The troop is run by experienced Scouts under the guidance of adult leaders. The troop meets once a week at Visitation, and embarks on a thrilling outdoor adventure each month. For further information, please check out our website at or contact Steve Campanella, Scoutmaster at 610-584-6992 or


During the 9AM Mass each Sunday, children are invited to participate in the group that dismisses for the Liturgy of the Word. This group celebrates the Word of God using the readings contained in the Lectionary for Masses With Children, which has been approved by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. The Children are also engaged in a dialogue that breaks open the readings and they pray for General Intercessions of their group. Participation in the Children’s Liturgy of the Word is open to all children who have not yet received First Holy Communion. No registration is required. For further information, please call Sister Diane Marie at 610-539-6080, opt 6 or email


Children’s choir is for students Grades 3 through 6. Practices begin in September of each academic year. The students audition in September and rehearse on Tuesdays after school. The Children’s Choir sings for Masses throughout the school year as well as for the 9AM Mass on the first Sunday of each month, October through May. Other events for which the Children’s choir is responsible include: the Christmas Show, one of the Christmas Vigil Masses, Saturday First Holy Communions, Confirmation, and Graduation. For further information, please contact Cheryl Lemma at or 610-539-6080, ext 330.


The Junior High Choir is for students of Grades 6 through 8. Choir begins with auditions in September. Rehearsals are scheduled as needed from September through June. This Choir is responsible for school Masses throughout the academic year as well as First Holy Communion, Confirmation, one of the Christmas Vigil Masses, and performances in the Christmas show. For further information, please contact Cheryl Lemma at or 610-539-6080, ext 330.


A Bell Choir is organized among interested and capable students of Junior High Grades each September. Rehearsals are scheduled as needed from September through June. This group accompanies the choirs and congregational singing for many Masses and liturgical events throughout the year. For further information, please contact Cheryl Lemma at or 610-539-6080, ext 330.


The purpose of Cub Scouting is to provide boys and girls in grades K through 5 with enjoyable structured activities in which to grow and develop. Cub Scouts are divided into five groups by grade: Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos 1, Webelos 2. The groups hold weekly meetings as dens and then attend a monthly pack meeting. During the year, each den works on achievements for individual awards. Other activities include Cub/Dad Bake-Off, Cub/Mom activity, Pinewood Derby (model car races), Cub/Dad camping trip, Scouting for Food for the Hungry, and year-end picnic. Cub Scouting is family fun! Contact Kevin Dyson  at 484-929-0450 or email  or check out our website at for more information.


The CYO is an organization of the youth of our parish, guided by caring adult volunteers with the purpose of helping its members become ideal Catholics, loyal to God and country, and a credit to their Church, their community and themselves. This help is provided through a blend of five phases of programs and development: Spiritual, Cultural, Social, Athletic, and Service. The CYO is for the youth of our parish, with activities and programs designed to highlight, enrich, and develop the special talents that our youth possess. Our Chief Adult Advisor is Rick Watson.  Please contact Rick Watson with any general questions regarding our program via email


The Visitation B.V.M. High School Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) of Trooper, PA recognizes the youth of the parish along with the entire parish community. The group strives to bring themselves and parish members closer to Christ and one another by participating in the five phases of CYO, which are: Spiritual, Service, Cultural, Athletic, and Social. With great dedication and hard work, the group will grow and develop into an organization that will serve Christ for years to come. The HS CYO sponsors a number of activities during the year – please check the bulletin for up-to-date information. Contact Dom Zampogna at 610-306-2682.


Visitation Girl Scouts is an organization for all parish girls divided into five age groups: Daisy (Grade K & 1), Brownie (Grades 2-3), Junior (Grades 4-5), Cadettes (Grades 6-8), Senior (Grades 9-10) and Ambassadors (Grades 11-12). Girl Scouting is a values-based organization and the Promise and Law provide the framework and ethical code. Girls learn about scouting, themselves, family, friends, community, and the world around them through fun and activities. The motivating force in Girl Scouting is a spiritual one: encouraging girls to become better members of their Church. Meetings are held weekly after school or in the evening. For more information, call Erin Croushore at 301-992-7181 or e-mail at


The Parish Religious Education Program (known as “PREP”) is designed to provide catechetical education and formation for children and teenagers whose parents have chosen other than a Catholic school for their family. The Administration and Staff of PREP support the parents in their role as primary religious educators in a co-partnership for the spiritual formation of youth. Sessions are held on Monday evenings from 6:45PM to 8:00PM for Kindergarten through Grade 8. Grades 7 and 8 students participate in the Teen Faith Formation classes of PREP. The catechists are parish volunteers who are dedicated to their role of sharing the Catholic Faith and doctrine with the children entrusted to their care. PREP volunteers do not have to be teachers by profession although some do have that background. Training and support is offered for those volunteers who have a desire to share their Faith with the children and teenagers. Interested parish members may contact Sister Diane Marie at the Religious Education Office, 610-539-6080, Option 6 or e-mail Sister Diane at


The Youth Ministry is geared toward forming and rallying the younger members of our parish family. Gatherings are aimed at service, prayer, community, and fun! We encompass our Catholic culture and discuss the challenges of our society. Sign up for Youth Ministry notifications on behalf of your child or for yourself at You can create a member login for our Parish, and then subscribe to the Youth Ministry group. If you have any questions, email our Youth Ministry Coordinators Cheryll Fisher and Joseph Pizza at